Beet + Carrot Red Smoothie and Kale + Spinach + Pear Green Smoothies

One smoothie, two smoothie, red smoothie, green smoothie.


My dad happens to be something of a smoothie connoisseur. Every morning he makes himself his ‘famous’ smoothie… some combination of frozen berries + fruit, coconut water, almond milk, flax seed, protein powder, and cinnamon + nutmeg + ginger + stevia that never tastes the same way twice, but is somehow always the ‘best one yet.’

As much as my dad loves his smoothies, you can imagine how surprised I was to see his prized blender in the back seat of the car when my parents drove up for a visit last week. It’s one thing to make them at home, but to bring along his blender to make one in his hotel room seemed a little over the top. I climbed in the back seat prepared to stage an intervention.

But like all good fathers, my dad longed to share his passion with his offspring and the blender was not there for his use but as a gift… for me!


For weeks I’ve wanted to get on the smoothie train. Breakfast smoothies, smoothie cleanses, dessert smoothies… everywhere I looked people were making smoothies. They are blowing up my instagram, popping up on my news feed left and right, mocking me in my blog reader… but without a blender there was little I could do but watch from the sidelines. I made due with other adventures, conquered new frontiers, but always with a smoothie in my heart.

But now… A blender of my very own!

Game. Changer.

I’ve made a smoothie every morning since. 2 parts veggie, 1 part fruit, 1 c. liquid, and a fun add-in of your choice.

Red, green, yellow, and green again! Oh the colors! Oh the possibilities! Oh the joy!


ImageBeet-Carrot-Apple Red Smoothie

Makes two big glasses

½ c. cooked and peeled beets [I used the pre-cooked from TJ’s]

1 c. carrots [softened]

1 sweet apple

1 c. water

1 T. flax seed

1.5 t. chopped fresh ginger

Bring a little water to a boil and add the carrots. Boil until soften. Allow to cool for a few minutes.

Cut the apple into chunks, and add everything to the blender. Whirl away and enjoy!


ImageSpinach-Kale-Pear Green Smoothie

Makes 1 big glass

½ c. spinach

½ c. kale

1 pear

1 c. water

½ T. lemon juice

2 T. sunflower seeds

Cut the pear into large chunks. Add everything to a blender.

Enjoy your glowing, glorious green smoothie!


Thanks, Dad.

2 thoughts on “Beet + Carrot Red Smoothie and Kale + Spinach + Pear Green Smoothies

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