Clean Plate Club Campaign

Crash landing back to reality.

One second your basking in the land of cloudless skies, olives and feta, and the next your donning a sweater at night, staring into the face of impending fall harvests, and struggling to button your jeans. Oops.

As you’ll read about later, I used my time in Greece to do something I almost never do, which is eat anything and everything I wanted. And I enjoyed every guiltless bite of it.

But now that I am back in Brooklyn, I am enjoying how I feel a little less. My body isn’t handling the indulgences of my culinary curiously as well as my heart and taste buds did. So just like you empty your suitcase into the washing machine and start over with clean clothes, I am turning my digestive system in for a post vacation cleaning.

Now… I’m never going to be a juice cleanse kind of a girl. And I’m definitely not the fasting kind. So this Clean Plate Club Campaign isn’t about starving or simply sipping my way through the next three weeks. Sure, there are a lot things I won’t be eating [gluten, dairy, soy and soy products, nightshade vegetables, corn, red meat, alcohol to name a few], but there are a lot of  things that I will be eating.

I know what you’re thinking. “Forget this bird food and carrot sticks chick. I’m going back to that recipe for the triple chocolate caramel peanut butter brownies and buffalo chicken wing pizza I saw yesterday.”

But it’s not like that! With tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, lentils and legumes, quinoa / amaranth / brown rice and other non-gluten grains, there are great, satisfying, creative, and flavorful meals out there.

And for three meals a day, 21 meals a week, and 63 meals in total, [this is beginning to sound like my high school graduation speech], I am going to prove it. Let me be your guinea pig, your hamster, your test monkey. Live clean through me.

Follow the cleanse here on the blog, or on instagram @beyondthebatter , #cleanplatecampaign.

Where there is a stove there is a way!

[Note – I started on Monday, September 2 and will officially end on Monday, September 23]

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