About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah. And that is a giant squash.

If I had to guess, this probably isn’t the first food blog you’ve ever seen. You might even look at pictures of delicious food other people make all day long. [It’s okay, I have a food blog and I do the same thing].

Sure, eating healthy is important [in theory]. But what you’re really wondering is ‘If I go gluten-free does that mean I’ll starve to death?’ Or ‘Is a chia seed something you plant?’ Or ‘What is life without meat anyway?’

Making a home cooked meal is great, but you want to be able to spend time at happy hour. Of course you would eat in, but that would require googling how to preheat the oven. You’re probably thinking ‘Why should I spent hours in front of the stove, using expensive specialty ingredients, to make an unsatisfying glob trying to pass for dinner when whole foods has a great salad bar’ anyway?

Hey, I get it. Our days are fast and our time [and money] are precious. Seamless is just a click away, the deli is open all night, and what we eat isn’t really that important anyway.

Wait… what?

That’s why everything you’ll find on this blog is simple to prepare, easy on the waistline [most of the time], and sourced from ingredients you can find at almost any store. You don’t have to be a crunchy [gluten-free] granola eating, kale chip munching, raw foodist to be healthy, and you don’t have to be the next Julia Child or a stay at home mom in order to feel at home in your kitchen.

I spend my days teaching New York’s youngest [and I mean youngest] chefs the in’s and out’s of seasonal home cooking. TRUST ME… If I can get a three year to make hummus, a six year old to make lasagna, and a ten year old to make Pad Thai … THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!

So maybe your egg whites don’t always form perfect peaks, you often flirt with the line between ‘browned’ and ‘burnt’, and the last thing you whisked was your hair… that’s okay. I am here to show you how simple, healthy meals can be made right in your own kitchen. [You heard me… YOUR kitchen!]

So if you love to cook, hate to cook, or wished you loved to cook, this blog is for you.

Grab your favorite apron, preheat your oven, and lets demystify the art of healthy home cooking together.

Buen Provecho.

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